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    Oasis Montage is a non profit Organization that was founded in 2005 by Carolyn Herring Moore. The Oasis montage mission is to empower, equip and enrich individual excellence

Carolyn Moore is the founder of Oasis Montage. She is the publisher of Oasis Montage Magazine, an actress, a playwright, a producer, and the director of Oasis Montage Productions. When Moore started Oasis producing her stage plays, she made front age of newspapers in states Colorado, North Carolina, Florida and Germany. One article written by military staff in Fort Bragg published this article;

Carolyn Louise Herring Moore, a playwright, veteran and Colorado Springs, Colo., native. Her play, “Women Shoptalk While Real Men Wait,” an inspirational message for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Moore advertises strictly to domestic violence advocacy centers, military bases and family support groups.

“Women Shoptalk While Real Men Wait” tells the story of Moore’s 10-year-long relationship with a controlling and abusive man. It details not only how she was affected, but also how her entire family and community were affected by the violence.

“The story is important, because people need to understand all the situations and different people affected by abuse,” said Army Staff Sgt. Marcus Moore, Carolyn’s husband and Baltimore native. “Women are abused, men are abused and children are especially impacted. They grow up carrying that weight and can develop guilt and other issues.”

It wasn’t until nearly 10 years after escaping the relationship described in her play that Moore began writing it. Initially, she didn’t have high expectations for the piece beyond a passing grade.

“I wrote it as a class project for an advanced film performance [class],” Moore said. “My professor handed me the play I’d given him and just said, ‘Here.’ I didn’t know what he meant, because he hadn’t done anything to it. I expected him to chop it up, but he said there was nothing he could do to it. He said it was time that I go out and help people with my story.”

The play was first performed at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in 2007, where it received a standing ovation from a sold-out audience. Moore attributes the play’s success to its honesty. For some performances, Moore even had to play herself, reliving some of the worst events of her life in front of strangers. “I couldn’t do it the first several times the show went up,” she said. “I just couldn’t handle the domestic violence scene. I would fall apart every time in rehearsal. But whenever I couldn’t find an actress, I was stuck with it. But after that first standing ovation, I knew I was doing something important.”

Although having written the play and sometimes playing herself in the show has been a great therapy for her, Moore said, the road to recovery never is easy for any victim of domestic violence.

“After all these years, I don’t know that I’m there yet,” she said. “But people need to know that there is help out there, and shelter and peace out there. Find help and shelter. Find and seek a purpose. Once you do, you’ll find life after abuse.”

She also emphasizes the importance of trusting again. She has since remarried and is loved by her family.

“I have found a man who has given me strength,” she said. “He has adopted my three children from my first marriage, my late brother’s three children and given me 3 more beautiful children. They give me strength. Communicating with others who have been through what I’ve been through has also been a great help.”

Since the play was first produced, Moore has been spreading her message of life after abuse to countless audiences, selling out shows and helping others through their own struggles with domestic violence.

“She is someone who has overcome,” her husband said. “Someone who says, ‘If I can recover and be successful, so can you.’”

Oasis Montage staff also includes:

Min. Marcus L Moore, the spiritual adviser of oasis montage

Kimberly Whitner, the Vice President of Oasis Montage, managing editor of Oasis Montage Magazine and a licensed mental health counselor

Paula Adnita Williams, The outside Editor of Oasis Montage Magazine and the Board of Directors of Oasis Montage

Oasis Montage Magazine was started in October, 2010 with 5 staff members. Today the corporate office is located in Fayettevile, GA.

The staff includes Kim Whitner, Adnita Williams and:

  • Micheal Chesterr - Art Designer of Oasis Montage Magazine
  • Dana Scott - Lead Photographer
  • Takessa Walker - Arts, Entertainment and Beauty Editor
  • Tiffany Curwen - News and Health Editor
  • Gabrielle Fluker - Youth Editor
  • Princess Moore - Youth Editor
  • Aliana Stanley - Youth Editor

April 8, 2017, Oasis Montage had their grandopening at the corporate location, 383 Fayette Pl, Fayettevile, GA. The grandopening included a ribbon cutting with former candidate Pam Reid and Mayor Edward Johnson. Performing was former NFL NY Giants football player, Mr. Wilson.

Since the opening, Oasis Montage has a summercamp that has produced a stage play, Genie in Dreamland; a replica of Wizard of Oz delivering a message of bullying awareness.

Oasis Montage will continue their journey and plight to make a difference in the community

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